Another Day, Another Post

So Dalfino, who’s responsible for this mess of a blog, suggested that for one of my posts I write about religion. So for this post I’m going to do that. I haven’t got anything in particular planned to say so I suppose I’ll give a little ramble.
    I’m not religious, I’m agnostic, I personally don’t see any reason to choose one religion over another, all of them are flawed in some way or another and none are overly convincing (in my opinion). I wouldn’t say I’m an atheist either, philosophically we really can’t know for certain that the stories of these religions didn’t happen, but it is very, very unlikely. Not that any religious people reading this should be offended, everybody sees and interprets reality differently, after all.
    The main problem seems to be to me that their of two kinds of religious people: type 1 is the person who enjoys life a lot more because of religion and is encouraged to do many good things directly because of it, while type 2 is the kind of person who is arrogant and completely closed minded about their beliefs, and is inspired to use their holy book to justify whatever negative beliefs they have.
    A religion may not be inherently bad, but when there are bad people who believe in it, they’ll use it to justify their actions. So while a bad person who is an atheist will just do bad things, a bad person who is a Christian (I use this example as it’s the religion I am most familiar with) will do bad things and they may say “Well, my holy book says it’s right, so it is right!”  thus people see that as a bad effect of the religion, rather than the person themselves as being bad.
    But then the question of whether religion can make normal people into bad people comes up… Personally, I don’t think it can, but it certainly does not help to change bad people good. If somebody seriously believes that the real God who is wholly moral went about turning people into salt, consuming people with flames and all the other crazy things that are in The Bible (again, I’m using Christianity because I know more about it) then they shouldn’t see anything wrong with dealing with things against this religion in an equally violent way.
    So that’s my fourth post… Hopefully it wasn’t offensive!
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