The Structure of my Reviews

You may have noticed that I’ve posted a few video game archive pages along with my regular posts recently and I just wanted to take a moment to explain what I’m doing. As you may or may not know, thanks to a good friend of mine, I got a proper domain for my blog and also made the transition from Weebly to WordPress – having made this change, I am also reworking the archiving for my video game reviews (click “Video Game Reviews” to see how it’s shaping up) – a side affect of this is that it means these archive posts occasionally end up in the main feed.

I know that writing reviews is the kind of generic content that a lot of people like to write, but I like to think that my own have a somewhat unique edge. With my special pages which list all of the reviews and show how the different video game series are linked together, I hope to reflect the very interconnected way that I look at all art mediums. I try out a lot of new things when I find out that they have some kind of connection to something I know and like already and I hope this method for reviewing will encourage people to try new things too. Right now, I only do it with video games, but I’d like one day to have some kind of interconnected review collection for all media… It will take a lot of time to think out the best system though. I also need to start posting book reviews more regularly.  Anyway, basically, I just wanted to explain why archives were being posted here for now!

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