Christmas Ideas

Christmas is my favourite times of year and perhaps my favourite thing ever. As such, it’s not surprise that so far I have always written lots of Christmas blog posts in previous years as we got into December. I’ve got lots of little things which I like to do at Christmas and lots of little perspectives which I think are at least partially unique or interesting, so I have written about them. I was going to write something Christmassy today, so that I could add to the general feeling of Christmas excitement which a lot of people will be feeling right now and to keep up with my tradition of Christmas blogging. But then I realised I had already written about it. This is what I was going to write today.

This gave me quite a sad thought: there’s really only a finite number of things I can write as Christmas blog posts. Once I’ve written down everything I think about Christmas, I won’t be able to do any more blog posts about it. So while the first five years of Trusty Water Blog may have been filled with Christmas entries every December, this will eventually change. “Christmas blog posts in December” might be a feature of this blog right now, but as the years go by, more and more years may pass in which I have nothing more Christmassy to say. I don’t plan to ever stop writing this blog, which will mean that eventually there’ll have been more Christmases which have passed without a Christmassy blog post with me, than those that got one. Oh my. I think it’s really rather sad.

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