Draining Negativity

Although it is somewhat late of me to address it now, you probably realised that I did not post anything here last Friday. The reason for this was that I went to Scotland for the weekend to visit two of my very best friends. I did the same thing last year. However, this time I enjoyed myself a lot more.

So why did I enjoy myself more? I was there a day less than last time and I got to see considerably less of one of my friends. You’d think that it would be an inferior experience. But the thing is, last time I went there I had a terrible job. Having to work in such a toxic environment was really draining and it made me unhappy. Of course, going to Scotland was a very nice escape which I enjoyed very much. It’s only now that I am completely removed from that environment that I realise that my unhappiness with my old job was actually spoiling the things which were entirely disconnected from it.

I think it’s quite important to realise that if you’ve got something horrible and toxic in your life, it doesn’t just affect you when you are with it – it brings you down in every context. You may feel like you’re okay and happy when you’re not dealing with it directly, but actually it will be leaving an unknown cloud over you, which will stop you from feeling truly happy. The lesson is, that you need to remove toxic elements from your life as quickly as possible.

(Don’t today’s Finger Puppet Show!)

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