Drink Driving

Just yesterday I was talking about drink driving with my brothers. I’m not going to make an entry about how or why drink driving is bad, because it’s so very obvious, but while I was discussing it I thought of a way that the number of drink driving related accidents could be cut down quite easily. Why don’t they just install breathalysers into cars? Not just arbitrary ones either, ones which are used to actually start up the car. If you’re over the legal limit, the car won’t start. Somebody be pressured into having a drink or two and be able to mentally reassure themselves that they’re good enough drivers to get home and it will probably all be fine anyway. But if you knew your car would be stuck there all night if you drunk, you wouldn’t do it. I don’t imagine it would take much work for this to be added to cars either. Remember, years ago, cars didn’t all have seat belts! So, I don’t really see any real reason that they aren’t added.
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