Finger Puppet Prophecy Show

Very sadly, last week I lost my job at Park Lane Press. It’s a big shame because I enjoyed it there very much and I was doing something which had a lot of creative freedom; I’ll be lucky if I can find another job that I enjoy quite so much. Anyway, what’s interesting is that the Finger Puppet Show strips posted around the start and end of my time there are strangely coincidental, prophetic, you could even say.
    While I was unemployed, I had been writing on ongoing storyline about the Job Centre and why it’s so awful. As soon as I got the job at Park Lane Press, I planned out the ending of the Job Centre storyline, and one of the first strips to go up was about a character being made redundant, which, funnily enough, is what happened to me! Then, on my very last day, the strip that went up, had a character told off by the boss and then made to worry about their position and, of course, it was photographed in my office at my desk! My boss was actually very nice about it and it’s not really the same thing, but it’s an interesting coincidence! Could the Finger Puppet Show be the modern Nostradamus?

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