A few weeks ago I was paying a visit to a friend of mine. While she sat on the sofa and surfed the internet on her laptop, I was baking a batch of brownies (which were, if I do say so myself, quite tasty). Once I’d finished I popped them into the oven and decided to sit down since I’d been working on them and tidying the kitchen for quite a while.

When I sat down, my friend stood up and went over to the messy mixing bowl.

“You could have used a lot more of this mixture, there’s loads left!” she said.

“Oh,” I said, “Well, I thought I’d got as much out as I could.”

“Nah, there’s quite a bit here. But don’t worry, I know what we can do.”

She then grabbed a clean mug and scooped as much of the left over mixture into it as possible.

“We better not just eat it since it has raw egg in it, so I’ll microwave it quickly and then we’ll have a nice mini brownie.”

“Sounds a good plan to me!” I said, I remembered having seen a YouTube video of somebody doing something similar years before.

She put it in and the pair of us watched a video that was on Google that day. The video finished around the same time as the microwave, so she went over and took out the mug.

“What do you think?” she asked, holding the mug up to me so I could see the results.

“Looks pretty tasty to me.”

“Really?” she said. “I’m not sure. I’ll put it in for just a little longer.”

She put it into the microwave then went back to her laptop to go on Facebook. I, meanwhile, was enjoying a delicious drink of water. After a short while, however, I noticed that things were not quite going to plan.

“There seems to be smoke coming from the microwave,” I said to her.

She swore and ran over to the microwave, then apologised to me for swearing.

“No need to apologise,” I said, “there is nothing wrong with swearing.” I still won’t put it on my blog though.

We opened the microwave door just an inch, and loads of smoke poured into the room, I couldn’t help but cough.

“Don’t breathe it in!” she said, which was quite hard, considering the smoke was everywhere.

I opened the back door to clear the air a bit.

I decided to use my Trusty Water Bottle to open to door of the microwave a bit more since I didn’t want to burn my hand, but she slapped it away and got a pair of oven mitts. She reached in, grabbed the mug and rushed it outside, where she placed it on the floor. It was at this point that we saw that the brownie was actually on fire. She blew out the fire, then went to get a knife to prod it with. It was all ashen and crispy.

“I wonder how it tastes?” she said, as she put some of the charred brownie into her mouth. “Pretty good.”

We then headed back inside, where it was still very smoky (no fire alarm had gone off though, oh dear) and we both sat down on the sofa.

“I love these quirky adventures I have with you,” she said. I suppose she meant things like this or this.

EDIT: I spoke with my friend about this entry recently, and she told me I had misrepresented her. She said that it was my idea to put the brownie in for a little longer, whereas I distinctly remember it being her idea. Obviously we each remember it differently, and there’s no reason to assume that either of us have a better memory, so, I’m putting this at the bottom so that you can hear both sides of the story.

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