Friday Routine

Though I absolutely love my job, I still get excited as the week draws on and Friday gets closer. Why? Well, the reason is that I just enjoy the opportunity to catch up on my sleep. I usually get six hours sleep on week days an as much as I like on weekends! Anyway, I wanted to talk a little about my Friday routine; there are several things I do each Friday that get me into the spirit of relaxation, but I was just thinking today about how updating this blog is very much part of my Friday routine. My Friday blog post always comes at one of the last points of the day, just as I am starting to feel sleepy and am looking forward to my weekend rest. I think it’s quite nice that writing has become an important part of my regular routines and I think it’s something all writers should aim for. Friday wouldn’t be Friday if I didn’t write my blog post Writing regularly is a good habit to get into… Even if it’s just writing something quite empty an worthless like this blog post. Ha!

(Don’t miss today’s Finger Puppet Show!)

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