Happy New Year!

_ So now it’s 2012, it’s so sad that this will be the last new year mankind will ever see… Only kidding! Isn’t it interesting to think of all the extra things we’ll have in our lives this time next year, all things that will seem so crucial, yet at the moment they’re unheard of. A lot changes in a year. By the way, this blog entry will be recorded as being written on the last day of December, when really I wrote it on January 1st, it’s another instance of the America time of Weebly being a nuisance.
    Starting Monday my blog will be updated on the usual three days a week; I just decided to take a little festive break from blog writing (I did make several plans for future entries though!). But that’s all for today’s post, I hope 2012 is very good for you 🙂
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