Heart Problems

About one year ago, I was staying at a friend’s house. I was sat on the sofa on my laptop browsing the internet and doing all of the usual kind of things that are done on a laptop, and my friend was on the other side of the sofa curled up and very tired. After a few minutes she moved over to my side of the sofa, held onto my arm and rested her head on my chest.
“You don’t mind if I sleep on you, do you?” she asked.
Now, I’m not a particularly big fan of physical contact with others, but it actually felt very nice in this instance. It was a cold November’s evening and we were both keeping each other nice and warm with our body heat. I also quite liked the fact that I was being physically used to make somebody comfortable enough to sleep. I’m not sure I could explain why, it was just a nice feeling.
So I continued on my laptop, probably on The Waltons Forum, while she lay silently on me. After about half an hour I assumed that she must be fast asleep, but I discovered I was wrong when she spoke.
“I can hear your heartbeat,” she said.
“Oh, I see,” I replied. “Well, I’m sorry about that. Hopefully it won’t disturb you too much.”
“You apologised,” she said, laughing. “As if I was so annoyed that I hoped you’d turn it down!”
I smiled. I suppose it was a bit of a silly thing to apologise about.
I looked down at my friend, and it was at that point that I noticed something incredible. Something so amazing that I couldn’t keep it to myself.
“John-Boy Walton has a shirt just like that!” I said excitedly. I’d always thought it looked cool.
“But this is a girl’s shirt,” she said, finding it mildly amusing, and then went silent again.
The sad thing about this little story, though, is that my friendship with the person in it has come to an end. I’ve never parted with anybody on negative terms before and it’s quite a source of sadness and guilt. But the important thing, I think, when something like this happens is not to let negative memories affect positive ones. Sure, things may have later gone badly, but that doesn’t make the old fonder memories any less special.Also, to give a blog update, it is because of this that there will be no more challenge entries.

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