Heat Imposed Creative Block

It’s weird how much an increase in temperature can effect us. I don’t tend to feel like the heat has that much of an impact on me, but I can certainly tell that it makes me lazier. Not only does it make me lazier, but it also stifles my creativity. It’s odd because you’d think that creativity is something which could not be at all affected by such an external factor, but it’s feeling hot and the ideas just aren’t coming. Yes, I do have a handful of readily formulated ideas which are due to become blog posts, but they all feel too long just now. The heat does not make writing a very appealing task.

So I am afraid you can consider today’s blog post a sick note, or an excuse, or whatever. I really, really hate to make blog posts which are just about finding it hard to come up with ideas, but I guess I have never found the heat to be something which slowed me down significantly in the past, so this is quite an interesting new observation and so it has the tiniest modicum of value and is therefore worth sharing. Do you ever find strange things make it easier or harder for you to write?

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