Let’s Imagine for a Second, That Being Trans isn’t a Scientific Possibility

While you’ll find some people who claim otherwise, what I have read suggests that being trans is a scientific fact. Some men are born with vaginas, some women born with penises. Anyway, I’m not going to get into that – what I’d like to talk about in today’s blog post is whether or not a basis in scientific fact actually really matters that much.

So let’s imagine, for a second, that being trans is not a scientific possibility. If that were the case, we’d still have people who like to present themselves as a gender which is different to their biological sex. Why would we not just accept them anyway? What harm are they doing?

Logically, there’d be no fair reason to attack or discriminate them, because using the pronouns that they want to use and treating them with respect are small things to ask. So, that’s the main argument against being trans and even if you personally believe it to be true (which, it almost certainly is not) there’s still no real argument against treating them fairly.

People’s difficulty in accepting anything other than cis men and women is something I can understand – our society teaches us that gender is black and white, so it makes sense that people struggle to understand things which are not black and white. However, it surprises and disappoints me that so many people not only struggle to accept these things, but outright refuse to try based on some principle they hold, when it’s really hard to reasonably argue for this standpoint.

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