Living the Dream

I wanted to use this blog post to reflect on how lucky I’ve been in regards to my career. I work full time as a writer and I’ll likely be moving on to another writing position soon as well. While I have had a few months of unemployment in the past, I’ve mostly just had a sequence of jobs which I’ve enjoyed and which have been beneficial steps forward in my career. Writing work is hard to find and I’ve been lucky to have been successful so many times. In this position, it would be tempting to say that I’ve gotten all of these writing opportunities because I worked hard or because I was very dedicated to my work, but I think it’s important to recognise that I’ve really just gotten the jobs I have thanks to luck. Where I went to university is very much tied to where I grew up; without going to Bath Spa University, I’d never have had many of my first writing experiences and without that I’d likely never have gotten my later jobs. Some employers have been impressed with this website… But if it weren’t for a friend randomly saying I should start a blog one day, maybe I never would have. It’s very interesting, I think, to look back and see how much of what happened was based on pure coincidence.

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