Missing Updates

I’d stayed up quite late. It was 2:30 a.m. I don’t like to be up that late, but I was working on a creative project and it’s easy to get carried away when doing that. But I was done at 2:30 a.m. and then it was time for bed. I got comfortable, started listening to some peaceful music on my iPod and was just drifting off to sleep. My mind wandered around the different areas of my life, just as I might walk through the streets of a town. It passed the metaphorical building of the Trusty Water Blog and saw on display in the window “Monday’s Blog Post” and all that was there was an empty space. There was nothing there but the sign. I did a mental double take and realised I hadn’t written anything on my blog today. So, of course, any idea of sleeping disappeared and I found myself wide awake.

Since I started this blog, I have missed one update (during the first few months) and I was determined not to do so again. I’m very surprised by how many successful sites regularly miss updates and wanted to be sure I never did that. Yet there I was, about to sleep without posting! Awful. Of course, after that, I immediately grabbed my laptop and wrote this nonsense. I know it’s technically Tuesday, but I think I just about made it. The worst thing is I even had a planned anecdote for today, I just somehow didn’t write it. A thousand apologies, I am shocked at my own carelessness.

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