My Top 10 Favourite Restaurants

Anyone who knows me will know that I love to eat out in different restaurants. In fact, it’s safe to say that I meet friends for dinner at least once a week and since I know lots of different people in lots of different places, I have quite broad range of restaurant experiences. So without further ado, here are my top 10 favourite restaurants. I hope I will be able to enlighten you to something fantastic, or at least get you excited to try something new.

10. Corsham Nando’s

Not really a restaurant, but when I buy veggie burgers from the supermarket, put them in buns, enliven them with some Nando’s sauce and eat them from home, it feels just like being in Nando’s. I can close my eyes and imagine I’m there with my friends.

9. Plymouth Nando’s

I’m sure that nobody is surprised to see that this list contains a Nando’s. I love Nando’s after all and this was the very first I ever went to, one sunny afternoon with my dear friends Dalfino and Egan. It ranks lowly because I can’t remember it perfectly (this was seven years ago) but it started a life-long love affair with this marvelous chain.

8. Wolverhampton Nando’s

I’ve only been to this fantastic restaurant a couple of times, but its nestled in the heart of the beautiful town of Wolverhampton. I was there at the time I first discovered that the Nando’s veggie burger had been changed to be more sweet potato-based. Delicious! It’s a place I often enjoy eating at when visiting my dear friends Alex and Sam, who live in Wolverhampton.

7. Swindon Nando’s

Speaking of Nando’s, the one in Swindow is also a favourite of mine. I have only had the pleasure of eating here once (joined by dear friends Hayley and Tasha) and during this one time, I got to try the halloumi sticks for the first time. They were incredible. What helps this particular restaurant rank so highly is that it is walking distance from the popular ice cream parlor: Kaspa’s. Did I go to both back to back? I sure did.

6. Camden Town Nando’s

A slightly more exotic choice for number seven. Camden town is one of my favourite parts of London, with it’s amazing, cool and alternative market. But if you’re feeling alternatived out and looking for a safe place to eat, why not go for a really mainstream restaurant choice and eat at their Nando’s? I was there just a few days ago with my dear friend Mairi. I ate a Portobello Mushroom and Halloumi Wrap – delicious!

5. A Nando’s near Winter Wonderland

Now that we’re on the subject of London, I’d like to mention a Nando’s I visited one festive evening when I went to visit Winter Wonderland – again, with my dear friend Mairi. I don’t know exactly where this one is, so I have no photograph, but it was down some stairs and it felt like a warm and cosy cave on a cold winter’s day. While we were there, Mairi gave me a bite of the Portobello Mushroom and Halloumi Wrap – since then, I have had it many times! There are other restaurants that I’ve been to in London, but to stop this list getting repetitive, I focus on restaurants in other cities – brace yourself for the next choice…

4. St. Andrews Nando’s

From London, to Scotland! One evening I found myself alone in St. Andrews and feeling pretty hungry. In my time of need, I turned to Nando’s. I had a delicious sweet potato veggie burger. Though I was alone, in my heart I carried with me every friend I’d ever been to Nando’s with. What a beautiful experience that was. Oh, also, it was nearly Christmas.

3. Bath Train Station Nando’s

Though often the butt of jokes from locals when compared to Bath’s other Nando’s, the Bath train station Nando’s is still a Nando’s and it is still in Bath, the greatest city of all time. Though it will never be quite as special as the other one, I’ve had a fair few visits with my dear friend Sophie, which has helped to give it more sentimental value to me. I had a sweet potato veggie burger every time. Delicious!

2. Bristol Cabot Circus Nando’s

After Bath, Bristol may be my favourite city and Cabot Circus is such a beautiful place to eat – especially in the summer. It’s a perfect mixture of outside and inside and you get that wonderful urban atmosphere that Bristol provides. At this restaurant, you can get a delicious sweet potato veggie burger. Delicious!

1. Bath Odeon Nando’s

This is the big one: my favourite restaurant. I’d say “drum roll, please” but you can already see the name of the entry above. Yes, it’s the Bath Odeon Nando’s. A place I’ve visited with so many different people over the years. I’ve gone with new friends as we solidified our friendships, I’ve gone with longstanding friends to reminisce about old times, I’ve gone with colleagues to de-stress on work days, I’ve gone for Christmas parties and birthday parties, I’ve gone alone and I’ve gone with twenty people. The hub of my social life. Let’s look at Plato’s World of Forms – this is the form of Nando’s and all the others are a shadow of its greatness, but a shadow of perfection still contains something of perfection. If my love for my friends took a physical form, this would be it. What a place. I usually have a sweet potato veggie burger. Delicious!

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