I have to say that I quite like it when I have nightmares, they really make me feel good. Strangely, whenever I mention this to anybody else, they always tell me they feel the complete opposite, and I don’t understand why, so I’m going to explain today why I like having them.
    Just a few days ago, I had a dream that it was late October / early November (just as it is in real life) and I was getting all excited about Christmas, again, just like real life. However, in this dream, I popped into the doctor’s for something very minor (anxiety, I think, but I can’t really remember) and then, whilst in there, he told me that he’d discovered I had some fatal illness and would be dead in under a month. I was really sad about that because, obviously, I don’t want to die, but also I wouldn’t live to enjoy another Christmas and that in particular made it a lot worse. I found myself thinking “I wish this were just a bad dream!” and then I woke up and it turned out to be exactly that.
    The next day I went out and had a lovely day with a couple of friends of mine and, it being just after that nightmare, I enjoyed it a lot more because I was able to appreciate the fact that I didn’t only have a few weeks to live. And that is exactly why I love having nightmares; because once I wake up I can appreciate real life even more!

(Also, sorry if the photo seems out of place. It’s a picture I’m quite proud of, I’ve wanted to post it for some time and I think it makes for a good visual representation of a nightmare!)

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