People Are Strange

A friend of mine often tells me that I have the strange power to “attract weirdos.” Another friend of mine once said that they felt like awful and terrible people were drawn to me. I was reflecting on this earlier today and I realised that I have had a lot of strange encounters with strangers and people I don’t know very well. Here are a few which spring to mind:

  • Once at a party, a fellow partygoer started kissing me passionately, against my will, to prove that he was secure with his sexuality.
  • One time a classmate started threatening me with a knife outside of school for no reason..
  • I accidentally went on a date with someone once. I wasn’t happy with their response when they realised it was an accident.
  • Once a homeless woman tried to force me into a make out session.
  • Once a person I had only known a short while punched me for not giving them enough attention.
  • One time a couple stole my table for one at a restaurant and started kissing passionately in front of me while I awkwardly sat there too and ate dinner in silence.
  • At a party, a woman sitting next to me pulled out her freshly vajazzled pubis for everybody to see, right next to my face.
  • One time a woman exposed her genitals to her partner to counter his comment that she looked like a man, while I awkwardly walked passed a meter or two away.
  • Once an old boss of mine was going through my private texts and Skype messages.

I suppose that may be an unusual number of strange encounters. But you know what? I wouldn’t want to leave the impression that I think people are strange. I’ll never stop being happy to talk with strangers and get to know them, because for every complete weirdo, there’ll be a person who becomes a lifelong friend.

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