Aside from the obvious pun, there’s a little more to this little strip than anybody will notice. Long Jon Silver is actually the first fictional character I created, all the way back in 1997. On my first day of primary school, there were these little blank books which we were encouraged to fill with our own stories. Since I really liked pirates at the time, mainly due to Donkey Kong Country 2 and the film Muppet Treasure Island, I wrote a very small little story about Long Jon Silver (I was only four, so I wasn’t good at original names). Basically, Long Jon Silver was a mean and greedy pirate who did not treat his crew well, so one day they made him walk the plank and then sharks ate him (this whole thing is sadly lost now, but I remember it well, especially all my illustrations). This comic strip is, obviously, set before then. Since I like to have all of my writing connected in some way, I really enjoyed connecting my very first character to my new world of the Finger Puppet Shows.

Also, as a little extra note, I’ve decided that every Friday will be the day that I post a new Finger Puppet Show, from now on.

All finger puppets can be bought here.

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