Political Neutrality

I encountered somebody recently, someone who’s probably at least five years older than me, who is completely politically neutral. Not only did he say that he had never voted for anything in his life, but also that he had no idea about what any of the political parties stood for or what kind of politics he believed in. He didn’t even have an opinion on the EU referendum.

On the one hand, I really admired that easygoing attitude – even envied it. It must be very nice not to have any political concerns. I was also surprised. I don’t know how somebody can be completely political neutral when news of politics seems to come through in so many ways (social media, television, entertainment, radio etc.) – but it’s pretty impressive that they were successfully able to close themselves off from it. When I was younger, this was something I tried to do myself.

But having said all of that, I think that the reason the current political climate is so bad, is because too many people were apathetic (or intentionally neutral). After all, the people with extreme views will always vote for those extreme view… So I suppose it’s a good thing that somebody with no views or opinions or at all is so noteworthy, because perhaps the divisive politics of recent times are actually getting people engaged, even if it is for negative reasons…

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