Quality Over Quantity in Blogging

With almost any kind of art, the rule ‘quality over quantity’ makes perfect sense, but blogging is the only thing that potentially goes against it. If you want to do well in the world of internet content, people will expect you to stick to a regular update schedule – not only that, but search engine algorithms will expect that of you too. If algorithms can see that new content is regularly added to a site, they’re more likely to have it rank highly for searches – doubtlessly this often causes bloggers to write something even when they don’t have an especially good blog post idea. This is part of the reason I’ve stuck to my schedule of at least three posts a week for the past five years, but also because I find it quite rewarding. Occasionally, I’ll have no blog post in mind and then pleasantly surprise myself with what I come up with. Other times, like today, I’ll come up with a blog post idea which isn’t really amazing, but which I like to believe has enough substance to be worth writing. In my case, writing so regularly helps me to collect my thoughts and record things I would have otherwise forgotten.

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