Working in Bath means that I get to enjoy walking around the city during my lunchbreak. As Bath is quite a big place, it’s not uncommon for me to encounter people that I know when walking around there. Usually I see Chloe Ward, which is nice, but in today’s blog post I’d like to talk about two interesting, contrasting lunchbreak events.
    On Thursday, I was making my way along on my usual lunch time walk route when I got to some traffic lights. On the other side of the road, I spotted my old friend Davey Hamlen. What a pleasant surprise! I’ve known him for over fifteen years and it is always a pleasure to see him. I was looking right at him, we made eye contact, the lights turned green and he started to cross the road. I, of course, did not cross the road and instead waited on my side for my friend to arrive. He was getting closer with every step and then, just as he reached me… on he walked. At first, I almost began to question whether or not I had truly seen him; could it have been a lookalike? I spoke to him online later on and confirmed that it was him; he just hadn’t noticed me.
    On Friday, again, I was having my usual lunchtime walk, but this time I didn’t notice anybody. However, as I got to a certain point, I heard somebody say “Well, look who it is” and I didn’t recognise the voice right away, but then when I turned around I realise that it was Claire, the person who sat at the desk next to me at my last job. Another very pleasant surprise! We had brief catch up before getting on with what each of us had been doing (I was headed to the bus station for a bus pass at the time, rather than the usual empty lunch breaks I had).
    What I find quite funny is that somebody who has known me for over a decade (Davey) was unable to spot me in a crowd, while somebody who I only knew for a couple of months (Claire) did. Of course, that’s not to talk down about Davey; he said he was very tired, and it is easy to become distracted when thinking about things and so on, but these two contrasting encounters happening back to back is still something that I find quite amusing.
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