The Future of the Trusty Water Blog

I noticed today that I’ve been maintaining this blog for nearly six months now, which I’m quite proud of (not to sound smug). I’m quite surprised really that I continued with it really, it only started when I was sitting in my 6th Form’s study room with Dalfino Madrigal Keyte and he said “Hey, you should start a blog” and so, on a whim, I made this up.
    At the start of this week I had decided that Friday’s post would be the final update here on the Trusty Water Blog and had only two more entries planned. One of the two entries was my theory about A Clockwork Orange which I said I would be writing soon, and the other was going to be a final entry, one which explained why it was that I was ending my blog. The reason for this is that, while I do enjoy keeping this blog, it seemed to me that I hadn’t had any particularly good ideas for entries lately and, as such, the general quality was declining and becoming unenjoyable for the readers.
    But, last night I was talking to a good friend of mine and they were able to persuade me that I shouldn’t end this blog. They did this by helping me to think up new ideas for this blog and telling me I should try and make entries out of regular days and that, as long as I enjoy it, I should continue and, as such, that’s what I’m going to do.
    In fact, there were a couple of blog-worthy things that happened today while I was eating my lunch. They always seem to have The Jeremy Kyle Show on the TV in the university’s canteen for some reason, and the episode playing today looked particularly bizarre: it featured a fat version of Derek Acorah who had cheated on one angry woman with another and so these two angry women were arguing with one another. Every time Jeremy asked Fat!Derek to talk one of the angry women would talk for him and he never said a word… Such an odd show. But then I was distracted when some guy left his sandwich box on the table when he was so close to a bin and I thought that was just plain lazy.
    But yes, this entry is just a warning that you shouldn’t expect too much from future entries, but that it will be updated regularly nonetheless. I guess I’ll also use this time to say this: What would you like to read on here? Please comment if there is any subject you’d like me to talk about.
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