The Story of Friendship

In my eyes, every friendship is a little bit like a story. When you meet somebody, that’s the start of the story and the finite nature of life means that all of these stories must come to an end eventually. But the most exciting thing, as with all stories, is what happens in the middle. Sometimes there’ll be tensions and dramas, but all going well, the majority of it will be fun, laughter and excitement.  Much as stories develop over time and cause you to become more emotionally invested, so too do human relationships. The longer we know somebody, the more we care for them and the more we value them. Different friendships provide us with different things and sometimes we’ll find ourselves craving one over another: it’s much the same as enjoying different genres of fiction. Ultimately, these stories, these relationships, are the things which mold our perception of the world around us, our beliefs and ideals. At the end of the day, they may leave us feeling happy or they may leave us feeling sad – either way they make us feel and to feel is to live. We all love stories, because our lives are made up of countless different stories. Knowing that we are part of the stories for lots of different people gives our lives value and watching your own stories unfold is one of life’s most beautiful experiences.

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