Things Which Stay the Same as Everything Changes

I got on the bus at the end of the day today and collected my StreetPass hits on my 3DS – just like I did at the end of work days last year when at my last job, just like I did in 2014 during my last year at university, just like like I did in 2013 and all the way back to 2011. My life now is very very different to how it was then, but it’s nice that that one thing stayed the same. I have over 3,000 StreetPass hits on my 3DS and its been building up throughout this whole time: I am so lucky to still have this data, since I almost lost my 3DS the other day.

This got me thinking about the things that stay the same while everything else changes. Of course, there’s my Trusty Water Bottle – I’ve had it since 2008 and not only does it always provide me with delicious and healthy water, but it’s always nice to see how different people engage with it. In fact, I wrote about that once before.

Another thing that I often like to reflect on is the fact that I have had several pieces of clothing for a long time. Sometimes I’ll wear a particular shirt and remember a very nice time I had while wearing that shirt many years ago – it’s nice to have things feel connected like this. This is actually something else I’ve written about before.

But there’s one last thing which doesn’t seem to change: me. As the years go by I meet new people and form new circles of friends all the time – this is something I love endlessly, but as I do, I find myself having conversations or sharing moments of affection with people which echo moments with other people in the past. They’re just occasional moments, but they stand out. As time goes by, I never care any less about my friends and I always want to see them. In a way there’s a constant, unending cycle of people in our lives, and actually that’s a little sad.

The one thing that never changes, is the fact that things always change.

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