The Double Edged Social Media Blade

I love social media. I love to be able to chat with all of my closest friends whenever I want. I love getting to see photos of what they’re up to. I love reading their witty observations about life. I always like to take the opportunity to send messages and comments to beloved friends who I have not communicated with for a while. It makes me feel happy and remembered when a friend I’ve not seen in a while likes a status or photo I’ve posted. I love how it reminds me of what I was doing on that exact day a few years before and gives me a chance to reflect on the changes in my life. I love that it generates heartwarming video montages of the photos I’ve uploaded. I love that I can use it to communicate with people I don’t know so well to try and start a friendship with them. I love that it has been the springboard for a good number of unforgettable social events in my life.

On the other hand, social media can be quite depressing. I hate that I can’t go one day without finding out that Theresa May or Donald Trump have made a dreadful decision which will affect millions of people in terrible ways (possibly including myself.) I hate to hear about the latest mass shootings. I hate to see the videos people share of police killing innocent members of minority groups. I hate seeing the hundreds or thousands of people who defend those who are clearly in the wrong in the examples I mentioned above. I hate the fact that I have to choose between saying nothing, which will make me feel I am not true to my beliefs and saying something, which will just lead to arguments that will just turn into internet abuse from people who don’t understand. I hate that 90% of the jokes shared on there are quite problematic in some way and nobody seems to see it. I hate that sometimes a Facebook post can put a damper on the whole day.

Social media is a real double edged sword. A great source of happiness and means of communication, but also a cause of anxiety and depression. In many ways, it’s much like life itself.

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