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Have you ‘liked’ my Facebook page yet? If not, you should go ahead and like it right away to make sure that you never miss any of my work and to ensure you get just a little bit more content from me. If you do already follow the posts on my Facebook page, then you may well have seen my post the other day which had an exciting piece of news: I now own a domain to use for this blog! This is something I’ve been planning on doing for some time. My friend Liam got it for me as a Christmas present (which I got early, on Saturday) and before giving it to me he was actually worried that I wouldn’t like his “unorthodox” gift! But it was an excellent gift which I am extremely happy with. It makes it much easier for me to link to in a variety of places and it also helps to just generally make this blog look a little more professional; maybe it will even help to increase traffic a bit. Even if it does nothing, I’ll be pleased just having a nicer looking URL: you may wonder why the current URL contains the phrase “every author who ever lived” and I think now is the perfect time to explain the origin of that. Back in 2011, when I was putting this blog together based on a suggestion from my friend Dalfino, I wasn’t sure what to put for the URL and he said “just put the name of your favourite author” and so the URL I used is a reflection of my love of all books… I’ll miss it, in a small way, but my excitement for my new domain outweighs this enormously.
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