Homemade Christmas Card


I had quite a nice thing in the mail the other day. Since you’re all very perceptive people, I’m sure you’ve guessed from the title of this post and the photograph to the left that the nice thing I received in the mail was a homemade Christmas card! It’s the first card I received via post this year, and it arrived on a day when I also had a lovely meal with a group of friends, so that was good timing.
    The card had come from Emma Darcy, and that name may be familiar to very dedicated readers, but for the rest of you I shall fill you in. I met Emma in my first year at Bath Spa University where we shared a class or two, then in second year we shared some classes again (and then, sadly, I didn’t really see her that much at all in the third year). She wrote quite an interesting blog entry about fanfiction for this blog, as well. I always enjoyed working with her and we always got on quite nicely, but we never met in a ‘social’ capacity, it was always just through the university.
    Anyway, a few weeks ago, when I saw a form on her Twitter asking for the addresses of people who would like a home-made Christmas card from her, I almost wasn’t going to fill it out. I thought to myself “I’m sure she has more important people to send cards to than her classmate from over a year ago!” but, eventually, I filled it out anyway, not really sure if I’d get one. Of course, I did get one, and I was very pleased when it arrived. Since it was very nice, and Christmassy too, I felt the need to record it here as a blog entry!
    You should go and watch a video or two on her YouTube channel, she’s currently doing a thing called “Vlogmas” where there are pleasant little daily vlogs about Christmas. But even when it’s not Christmas she posts a lot of good content so it might be worth your time to take a look.

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