Mystery Bus Ride

One day last year, I was riding into Bath in order to meet my friends Oscar and Chloe for some coffee. I always aim to catch the bus which will arrive earlier than I need it to, that way, if I miss it, then the next bus will still get me there on time and this time, like every other, I was on the earlier bus.
    The bus had gotten about three quarters of the way there, when it stopped. It seemed that one of the main roads into Bath had been closed due to some kind of terrible accident and so the bus had to stop. I was listening to my iPod, but I saw that the driver had said something to all of the other passengers and then they had all gotten off. I took my head phones out and listened to see what he had said.
    “I’m going the other way, mate, so it might be faster if you walk the rest,” he said.
   “Nah, I’ll stay,” I replied.
    I was already running early, so I thought it would be fine. Besides, the walk would take about an hour or so, so, I expected that it’d be the slower option anyway. The bus then turned around and headed into another direction. For a while it was just driving along a duel carriageway and it seemed to be a perfectly normal diversion. However, after a while, I realised that we (the driver and me, that is, just to make clear that I was the only passenger who stayed) were driving along a small road that went through a forest! Could it really be the right way? Then, later still, it was driving through what seemed to be huge open moors. It was quite a creepy place, really, because I couldn’t see anything but the grass and a very thick fog. I know the area around Bath quite well, but I couldn’t determine where we were at all.
    An hour and a half later, lights began to appear through the fog and eventually the fog disappeared entirely as the bus pulled into Bath. I was almost two hours late for the meet up! But while I may have missed two hours of socialising, on the bright side, I did get to enjoy some really rather unusual scenery on the way. I have to wonder if the driver might have just gotten lost.

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