Tied Up

I remember that one winter’s day back in 2008, I was standing out on the school field with a small group of friends. It was raining a little and, of course, most people don’t like rain and so most of my friends were inside avoiding it. I, on the other hands don’t really mind rain at all, but I don’t particularly enjoy enormous crowds and since enormous crowds were inevitably inside on rainy days, I was outside.
    “Hey, let’s tie up Adam!” one of my friends said, producing a roll of duct tape.
    This was a little unexpected.
    “Yeah, great idea!” somebody added.
    The person who had proposed the idea approached me and said sweetly, “You don’t mind do you?”
    Who was I to rob him of his fun? I reluctantly agreed to let him do it.
    So, I was backed against the leg of a rugby post and the whole roll of duct tape was wrapped around me.
    My friends all found this to be absolutely hilarious.
    “Very good,” I said, smiling.
    Then, the school bell rang and it was time to head inside for the post-lunch lesson. Sadly, it seems that my friends didn’t quite have time to release me before heading back inside. I supposed I wouldn’t want them to get in trouble for being late anyway. Better only one person get told off than four!
    So there I was, tied to the pole while everybody else headed inwards. I should probably be doing something about it. I thought that a good idea would be to take my Trusty Water Bottle and to squirt it down the front of the tape and hopefully loosen whatever it was that made it sticky. The plan seemed sound, other than the fact that both of my arms and my water bottle were tightly under the tape.
    In the end, I just had to push forward as hard as I could to tear it away and it worked quite well, although it was very tricky. I got in, late, and told the teacher that I had a very good reason, but they didn’t even need to hear it because I was a good student and they trusted me, so, no punishments for me!

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