The Difficulty of Maintaining This Blog

As you, my readers, probably know, I update this blog with a new entry every single day and have done for about the last four months. I do actually enjoy writing every day and I’m glad that this blog ensures that I do.
    However, by forcing myself to write a new entry every single day it means that the majority of my entries are rather bad or mediocre at best, with only the rare one being noteworthy. Also, you may not know, but I also keep a journal and write short stories as well, but writing a new entry in this blog every day means that I have neglected doing them somewhat (especially my journal).
    As such, I’m considering updating the blog three or four times a week, rather than every day. This will hopefully mean that the quality of entries will increase and that I will have more time to spend on my other writing projects. I’ll still continue to write new entries every day for the rest of the month, but will probably reduce it to three a week from September 1st onward. If a lot of people will be unhappy about this, I’ll continue to do it every day, but I’m sure nobody will mind the reduction, it’ll mean no more terrible entries after all!
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