Very Late Post: A Scary Story

Almost forgot to write an entry today but now, before I go to bed, I’ll tell you a short scary story….
    I’m sure you’re locked away peacefully in your bedrooms right now, a small area of light and safety, while outside the creatures of darkness crawl over the surface of the Earth… or something less poetic.
    But I’ve only just gotten home, and during my stroll I spotted a very weird person. I couldn’t really see them; they were covered completely by shadow and punching against the wall, which made a clanging noise. They just stood there and did that continuously, punching at regular intervals and standing perfectly still. I watched them as I walked by, and they didn’t stop this strange process even for a second. The whole time I was in the area, about five to ten minutes, I could hear him doing it.
I’m sure this was just some strange drunkard who wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing, nonetheless, he did seem rather creepy at the time.
    I apologise for a rather short and uninteresting entry, but I’m rather tired and can’t think up a full one at the moment.

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