Who to Make Friends With

In my younger years I held on to a rather silly belief: I used to think that people in relationships were not worth making friends with because they’d just be less likely to have time for you and you’d never be able to depend on them because they’d always be with their partner instead (at least in most cases.) Single people, meanwhile, can dedicated more of their time and attention to you and would ultimately be more loyal.

But as the years have gone by and I’ve had time to reflect: I realise that people in relationships are some of the best people to befriend. In fact, in many ways they make better friends than single people! Why? Well, firstly, when you make friends with one part of a couple, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to make friends with their partner too – a kind of “buy one get one free” sort of situation. Then, also, when befriending somebody in a relationship, you already know that their relationship ideals are healthy and they’re happy to make friends even if they do have a partner. If you befriend a single person, then they might abandon you if they ever have a relationship.

Ultimately, its just a bit silly to make decisions like this about who to be friends with, because the seeds of friendship can burst forth from any flower and those seeds can grown under any conditions. Or in other words, you never know who you’re going to make friends with (but it’s always exciting to find out!)

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