90s Video Game Heroes and Me

Let’s take a look at the 1990s. During this time, Donkey Kong was at his peak. His new games were coming out at a faster rate than they were before or after and they were of the highest quality. There was an evolving storyline and a cast of colourful, loveable characters. Sadly, as the years went by, the Donkey Kong series diminished. Many of the characters disappeared and games became much rarer. Today, when they do come out, the games are still as good as ever – but most of DK’s appearances are cameos in other franchises and many of the old characters no longer appear at all. It doesn’t feel like an ongoing story, just odd appearances.

When I look back in my own life (not as far as the 90s) there was a time when there were many good friends that I saw regularly and it felt as if there were a set ‘path’ that I was on in life. Things were developing in certain direction. Sadly, as years went by, these things slowly faded away. Occasionally, I do still see those old friends and, when I do, it’s still just as good as ever, but there are some who I no longer see at all. A lot of the time, I feel as though what I do is within a context which has no real connection to the important experiences I had in the past. Much like Donkey Kong.

I don’t mean that to sound too negative. It was just a correlating pattern that I wanted to highlight – not that it means anything. It’s just a very specific pattern which is interesting to nobody but me.

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