A Cure for Writer’s Block

I never used to get much very much writer’s block, but since 2013, I get it quite regularly and really struggle to produce work outside of this blog and my webcomic. Thankfully, I can always overcome it every now and then so that I can still produce the occasional short story. I have a few little methods which I use to try and overcome my writer’s block and one of these is reading or otherwise consuming a lot of completed work of something I admire. I find this quite useful because it fills me with inspiration – the best idea is to take a look at a piece of work that has inspired my own work and in so doing you will become excited about the prospect of what your work could be… or, at least, that’s what I do in that situation.

To give a recent example, I want my writing to be an interconnected world where I follow several very different characters and tell very different stories with all of them. When I recently got back into the shared world of audio dramas created by Big Finish (and including the Doctor Who universe; one of my absolute favourite artworks) it really got me exciting about continuing to develop the world of my own short stories; so much so, that I wrote out the start of a new story an mentally planned out the next few stories which will follow! So if you’re suffering from writer’s block, find the artwork which is most similar to what you want your completed work to be and use it for inspiration!

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