A Trip to Scotland

First of all, I am sorry that this was not posted on Friday (my usual update day) but I had some technical difficulties at the time – posting should be back to normal from now on. The other reason that I have recently missed updates is because I took a trip to visit a couple of friends of mine in Scotland and I would like to write about that today.

The whole trip was very exciting for a number of reasons: it was my first visit to Scotland, it was my first ride on board an aeroplane, it was a much needed break from work, it was a chance to see my friends Rory MacLellan and Mairi Mac Arthur (who I do not get to see very often) and it was a chance to introduce them to each other (I love introducing my friends who don’t know each other.) While there I did all kinds of things: I ate vegetarian haggis, I went on a nice coast-side walk, I explored a secluded patch of beach, I went to Edinburgh, I took a single sip of chocolate flavoured beer, I tried a couple of delicious burger places, I ate some Irn Bru flavoured ice cream and I also drank the drink Irn Bru for the first time, I visited a lovely free museum full of taxidermy and historical curiosities, popped into a lovely book shop and a Forbidden Planet shop, helped carry a bookshelf, rode on buses, rode on trains and so many other highly enjoyable things.

Overall, it was an amazing five days. I think the moment which will stick with me for the longest was a lovely half an hour or so I spent chatting with Rory and Mairi on a pier while a pleasant sun shone down on us and the waves washed gently upon the beach. Here’s a picture of the three of us in Edinburgh.



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