A Man Eating Pie

Do you remember December 2013? If not, let me refresh your memory. You headed over to Trusty Water Blog to see what the latest posts were and you read an entertaining (if slightly morbid and sad) entry entitled “Sir Lawrence the 2nd” which had been written by guest author Chloe Ward. The pleasure of having finished reading it, however, shortly turned to sadness; sadness caused by the fact that Chloe didn’t have a blog where you could find more work of her’s.
    Well, guess what?
    A little over a year later, you’re finally going to get what you’ve wanted all this time! Chloe has just launched A Man Eating Pie where she will be regularly posting blog posts from now on. Of the small selection of posts she’s already written, my favourite has to be her review of the recent Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation. Entertaining and informative! We’ve got more reviews like that to look forward to too. She’s also going to be regularly sharing her dreams, which could get quite interesting. So, A Man Eating Pie is definitely something to keep your eye on! Although keep in mind it’s not quite as child friendly as I am here.
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