A Response to My Last Entry

_ My Mum has given me a few objections to my last entry ‘Friendship’ so I thought I’d address them now. First, she said that I made my family look bad, which I didn’t mean to do, I was just using what they said as something to contrast my view of friendship with. There’s no real reason to like most of the people you know anyway, since they probably don’t like you very much if they don’t know you that well.
Second, the point of my entry seemed to be misunderstood. My Mum asked if that meant people should try and be good friends with people who damage people’s things or hurt others, but again this isn’t the impression I meant to give. My point was that, so long as people aren’t hurting anybody, there’s no reason to judge them. If somebody actively does bad things to others why should you be friends with them? What’s stopping them from doing the same to you?
Third, she said that it seems very dismissive of my friends if I ‘like everybody’ but this is very far from the impression I was trying to give. I have a rather small circle of people I consider to be my close friends, and I think they’re all very good people who have their own unique qualities. I just meant that I still quite like, and am happy to see, people I don’t know all that well too, but it doesn’t compare to the relationships I have with my close friends.
I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions which others may also have had. 

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