A Song for Our Times from Chris Hunter

If you’re anything like me, then perhaps you’ll be listening to a little more music now that you’re in lockdown. If that is the case, then I have a recommendation for you! One of my very best friends, Chris Hunter, has recorded a new song which I think nicely encapsulates the general feelings of the world at this time. You can listen to it on his SoundCloud page.

Titled ‘together as 1’, it’s a very emotional song and a very epic song. Though it is about the difficulty of life during the pandemic, it’s also a hopeful song and one which, I hope, would at least partially lift the spirts of anybody who’s struggling to deal with things right now. Anyway, rather than just reading what I have to say about it, why don’t you go ahead and listen to it yourself? I’m sure you won’t regret it. After my first listening, I went back and listened to it again and you know what? I’m gonna just go ahead and listen to it again now.

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