A True Hero (TWAC Day 3)

_ Just a couple of days ago, after finishing my day at the university and buying some food ready for Christmas dinner, I got on the bus and was ready to ride home. To my pleasant surprise, an old friend of mine was riding on the bus as well, so I was able to chat with him on there as I rode. However, an unpleasant surprise was that the bus was extremely packed with Christmas shoppers, a significant amount of people, including my friend and I, had to stand due to lack of seats. Things only got worse from then on, more and more people piled onto the bus. It seemed that every single bus stop had a Christmas shopper waiting to get the bus home.
    Before the bus had even gotten out of Bath (Bath being the city I was in) the bus seemingly had far more people in it than was the amount they were safely supposed to hold. It was a very uncomfortable situation. When we got to a stop, somebody had pushed the button so that they could get off. However, the bus was so full, that it took them a very long time to get from the back end of the bus (where he was sitting) to the door. Meanwhile, as the poor man tried to escape from the bus and get to his stop, another man was stood near the door and becoming more and more frustrated by the number of people on the bus. When several minutes had passed and that poor man had still not made it to the door, the man at the front did something very heroic. In order to make more room for everybody else on the bus, even just a small amount, he got off of the bus and waited at the bus stop for the next bus to come along, heroically sacrificing his position on the bus for the greater good of every other passenger. A real example of Christmastime good will. I wish I could have told him how much I admired his selfless action.
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