On Thursday, I had a lovely evening out in Bath with some of my closest friends. We had dinner at Wetherspoon’s and, not only was the food delicious and cheap, but it also made me quite nostalgic. Back in the third year of university, I’d have lunch at Wetherspoon’s every Tuesday and it was a fond reminder of that time.
    But, while I did indeed have a really nice time, I very much felt the absence of a lot of my friends. Over the last year, many of the people I cared the most about ceased to remain in my life, either due to illness, romance, career progression or whatever else. One thing I like about Bath is that, for me, it’s a city full of memories, and as I was walking along on my way to Wetherspoon’s, I had flashes of remembrance and the feeling of being out with these other friends years’ previously. If I’m quite honest, this made me feel pretty sad, despite the nice event, because I miss these people so much.
    However, I don’t want to make a wholly negative entry, because the feelings that I’m trying to describe are not wholly negative. You see, with the sadness caused by the absence of some of my friends, I was able to appreciate the presence of those friends who are still there even more. It was nice, and comforting and I’m certainly pleased that I still have these people in my life. If anything, the absence of my older friends, just makes me enjoy the company of my current friends even more.
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