Accidental Pervert

I recently decided that I should try to go swimming at least once a week. Not only is this a good form of exercise (which I need more of) but it also helps me to combat my disliking of being undressed around others. It is exercise for the mind and body all at once! However, things didn’t go quite so smoothly the first time I went.

The Bath swimming pool, if you ask me, is a little hard to navigate; once I’d stepped out of the men’s changing room, it wasn’t clear to me where I should go to find the pool. I slowly wandered forward and wondered if I was heading in the right direction. As I was wearing only my swimming costume, I was worried about coming out in the reception area or something.

Eventually a passed a woman. I noticed she was looking in my direction, so I looked towards her and smiled (as you do when you notice a stranger looking at you.) I then carried on slowly walking in that same direction. Oddly, I noticed that that woman was still looking right at me. I looked to her again to give her another friendly smile and this time I noticed that she was frowning at me. Why was this? Had I done something wrong?

I noticed that I had missed something crucial. The woman who was staring at me was actually naked. Then I realised I’d wandered into the woman’s changing room. I gave an apologetic smile, apologised and quickly turned around. A little while later I found the pool. As I swam, I kept worrying I’d get in trouble for what had happened and be asked to leave – I also couldn’t help but feel bad about my inadvertent invasion of that woman’s privacy! Thankfully, future visits have been less eventful. Since then, I’ve noticed the women’s changing room has been much more clearly signposted.

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