Adele – Someone Like You is Bad

So, that was nice wasn’t it? The title may give the impression that I hate this song, but actually I quite like it. Adele has a nice voice, the instruments sound nice and it’s just generally not bad. However, if you think about it, the lyrics seem to be quite immoral in a way.
    “Never mind,” she says, “I’ll find someone like you.”
    And then “I wish nothing but the best for you.”
    That sounds nice, but really, it seems she’s only thinking about herself and her ex and not the future someone like [them]. That someone is very unlucky really: let’s say he meets Adele they get on really well and eventually get married etc. He thinks it’s because she loves him and thinks he’s a good person, but actually it’s because he reminds her of somebody she met years ago… So either his self-esteem is going to take quite a blow when he finds out, or he’ll spend his life living a lie. Of course, maybe he’d be fine about it, and then there’d be no problem, but I don’t think it’s likely. The desire to find someone just like your ex as your next partner really seems like rather unhealthy behaviour, the kind of thing that leads to you buying them the same clothes your ex wore and asking them to style their hair similarly. Surely, it’d be much better to find somebody very different, because people love different people in different ways, then it won’t be able to be weighed up against her ex-partner so easily and there’ll be less of that moral ambiguity. And surely someone like them would just leave her as well anyway?
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