All My Friends Saved the World

In a dream I had the other day, I was in a classroom at Regis School (no idea why) along with all my friends. It was lovely; they were all chatting amongst themselves and having a nice time. Even the ones who don’t know each other and the ones who don’t like each other. There was David Tubb, Oscar Taylor-Kent, Chris Hunter, Dalfino Madrigal Keyte. Then there were the ones I’m not allowed to write the real names of Tülin and Rhino Water. And of course, all the people I can name but I have nothing to link to like Rory MacLellan, Elliott Egan, Naomi Brennan, Chloe Ward, Rachel Boland, Sophie Marie Mills, Mairi Mac Arthur, George Moore, Davey Hamlen, Sarah Kryworuczka, Laura Young, Mike Wing, some of the children who I met as an MDSA at Regis School and several others. I shan’t list all of them though, because then I’d spend far too long listing people if I did and I’ve probably already spent too long listing them.

Anyway, while that all sounds like it would be fantastic for me, there was a downside and that downside was a rather significant one. Unfortunately, it was going to be the end of the world in a very short while because a giant aeroplane was going to crash and the resultant explosion would be so big it would wipe out all life on the planet. Which was rather a shame.

For whatever reason, I knew a lot more about the situation than anybody else, though some people were a little concerned.

“Aren’t you worried about that plane?” asked Sophie.

“Oh no, we have no reason to believe that the situation isn’t being handled perfectly by those in power,” I said, and that seemed to reassure everyone who was worried. But I felt extremely guilty, because I knew that that was a lie and that it was very unlikely that anything could be done. In fact, I still feel guilty now because perhaps that means I’d be equally dishonest if that situation were to happen in reality.

Anyway, my friends began to enjoy themselves and socialise, but the guilt began to overwhelm me, so I went outside. It was dark out, but after a few minutes I noticed there was somebody running towards me. As he got closer, I realised that it was Colin Edwards, a lecturer at Bath Spa University.

“This is a rather unhappy situation, isn’t it?” I said to him.

“Yes, but I figured out a plan!” he said, breathlessly. “If you switch off all the lights and remain perfectly silent while I drive off as fast as I can, it should stop the plane from crashing!”

Now, I realise there doesn’t seem to be any logic behind this plan, but at the time it seemed to make perfect sense and as you’ll soon see, it did work, so who are we to argue?

Colin rushed to his car and I rushed inside to tell everyone the plan.

We switched off all of the lights and remained perfectly quiet. We heard the sound of the plane almost, but not quite, crashing outside. Once we knew the disaster was over, we all celebrated and I had a wonderful time in the world of dreams with all of my friends.

Their combined effort saved the whole world, and while nothing like this ever happened in reality, I like to imagine that the dream was a reflection of my deep respect and admiration for each and every one of them. I also thought that it was just really, really nice to have a dream with all of my friends together. The last ten minutes (very rough estimation, it being a dream) were absolute heaven.

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