One suggestion that’s been sitting in my suggestion box for quite some time is that I write an entry on America. Now, this was such a broad suggestion, so I never really knew what to write, but I’ve decided now to simply make an entry about all American things that I like.
    Firstly, my internet friends! I have three internet friends who live in America: Riley Barlow, Devna Desai and Iris Martinez. I always enjoy chatting to the three of them because, well, they’re nice people! Furthermore, since they are all roughly the same age as me, I’m able to get nice insights into how things would be different if I lived in America as opposed to England. Admittedly, I don’t speak with them all that often, but I still value them highly!
    Secondly, there are several TV shows which I really like which all originate in America. There’s The Waltons which is, potentially, my favourite TV show and is about a family living through the 1930s and 1940s, and during the first five years focuses on the family’s attractive, intelligent, kind, endearing, agreeable eldest son John-Boy and his attempts as an amateur writer. There’s also Friends, a sit-com which, I’m pretty sure everybody will be rather familiar with! I also rather enjoy Futurama (about a regular guy named Phillip Fry finding himself in the future), it is by far my favourite animated comedy series due to the fact that, rather than being silly all the time, it occasionally takes the time to be serious. Recently I’ve also started watching The Big Bang Theory and it too is quickly becoming one of my favourite shows, mostly due to Sheldon Cooper! There’s also House (how couldn’t I like something based on Sherlock Holmes?) and I’ve already mentioned my thoughts on Star Trek.
    Finally, I’d also like to mention a couple of American authors I like. First, Earl Hamner (I’ve reviewed some of his books before) whose novels are what led to the creation of The Waltons (which he also played a significant role in, behind the scenes)! I’m also a pretty big fan of H. P. Lovecraft and the ideas behind his stories: basically his stories are set in a very unhappy universe were humans are utterly insignificant and could be casually wiped out by the squabbles between ancient alien beings at any time.
    But yes, those are my favourite American things! Oh, plus, it’s quite nice that Coca Cola with Vanilla is still available in the USA. I decided against mentioning films or music because most films are American made so there’d be too many, and music-wise I don’t usually tend to like specific artists a lot, it tends more to be a few songs from a variety of people. But anyway, that’s my American entry done!

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