Is Blogging a Conversation Killer?

I had an unusual experience when riding on the bus home and I thought to myself “This will make a good subject for today’s blog post!” but then after a few more moments’ thought, I realised it was a bad idea. Why? Well, what I wanted to write about was something I’d like to talk about at work. So, tomorrow, rather than having a fun chat with my co-worker about what happened, instead it would be like this:

“A funny thing happened to me after work yesterday,” I’d say.

“Haha, yeah. I read your blog post last night,” they’d reply and that, sadly, would be that.

There have been a few times in the past where I’ve been looking forward to chatting with somebody about something, but I’d have already written a blog post about it and they’d already have read it. As my blog posts invariably cover all of my thoughts and feelings about the subject, there’s no conversation to be had because the other person knows everything I might say. So then, what could have been a fun and engaging discussion, turns into nothing.

So sometimes, in answer to the question in this post title, blogging can be a conversation killer, but I think that can be avoided through strategic scheduling. Plus, there have been quite a few conversations, not to mention friendships, which have been formed through my blog. I’d certainly never say that blogging was a bad thing, but I did think that this was an unusual problem to face and so, like with everything else, I wanted to share it here.

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