Assassination Classroom, Volume 10 by Yusei Matsui

In Volume 10 of Assassination Classroon, things are now back to normal for the class following the drama that unfolded for them while they were on the tropical island. As such, things are fairly light-hearted at first. Kayano finally gets to take a turn in the spotlight with her own unique assassination attempt involving a giant cake and then the class gets involved in some free-running based training. Standard Assassination Classroom stuff – not boring by any means, but not as interesting as some of the more recent events.

However, things really do start to pick up when certain allegations are raised against Koro-sensei. Various women in the area have had underwear stolen from them and based on the descriptions they give, the children can only conclude that Koro-sensei is responsible. However, as he denies that this is the case, the class begins to investigate the matter, keen to find out the truth one way or another.

I won’t spoil the outcome of that investigation, but this volume also sees the return of Itona. I was already interested in Koro-sensei’s “brother” but he’s written really interestingly here and has some great character development, including a look at his backstory.

All in all a satisfying volume. As always, I’m left looking forward to the next volume and still strongly recommend this superb manga!

Rating: 8.7/10

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