Assassination Classroom, Volume 11 by Yusei Matsui

Diving into the eleventh volume of Assassination Classroom, it was noticeable that this was something of a breather entry. That’s not to say that it wasn’t enjoyable or important to the overall storyline, but there were certainly fewer major developments in this one.

The first part of the storyline is about the student Isogai. We get a glimpse into his personal life and find that he has a part-time job outside of school… something which goes against the school’s policy and ultimately endangers his position their. Class A want to blackmail him and in order to protect their classmate, they end up doing battle in a competitive school event.

It’s fun to read, and it’s nice to get a little bit more character development for Isogai, but the school event feels like the kind of thing you’ve already seen before at this point. There’s slightly less focus on Koro-sensei too, which is a pity, because he’s the biggest start of the manga for me.

After that, the second half of this is about the students doing a bit of community service in order to repay an old man who they inadvertently injured during some out of school training. This then sees them looking after a group of younger children and learning a bit of responsibility. Fun, with some sweet moments, but again, nothing extraordinary – although I did love Koro-sensei’s interactions with the old man. His weird human disguise is funny.

A good volume, for sure, but nothing groundbreaking.

Rating: 8/10

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