Assassination Classroom, Volume 12 by Yusei Matsui

The twelfth volume of the Assassination Classroom is mostly all about the mysterious assassin known as The Grim Reaper. Of all the foes that Koro-sensei has faced thus far, this is the one that seems to be the most capable. Of course, he ended up in quite a tight spot during the tropical island storyline, but that was more the result of an opportunistic foe, rather than a capable one.

In this story, The Grim Reaper targets the students of Class-E in order to lure Koro-Sensei into a trap. In my opinion, this storyline is the most tense the story has been since the incident on the island and it makes for fantastic reading. It becomes hard to see exactly how Koro-sensei could save the kids without making himself vulnerable to his foe. Of course, his determination to do this in spite of that risk, highlights how much of a caring person he is.

One thing that I also appreciated about this volume was its use of Ms. Jelavich. She was never one of my favourite characters in Assassination Classroom, in part, because it felt kind of like she was just there for some silly sex appeal, but this volume uses her in a way that I thought was both unexpected, and really interesting.

This is a particularly difficult volume to review without spoiling anything too much, but I will say that the reveals about The Grim Reaper’s identity are really cool, and Jelavich’s actions are quite shocking.

Rating: 8.9/10

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