I don’t quite understand what it is, but something about me causes other people to treat me like a child at times. As such, I decided I would make a blog entry listing a few examples of this kind of thing. Here are eight particularly memorable examples from the last five years (so, from between ages fifteen and twenty):

“I think you’ve lost weight, I’m going to make you a nice packed lunch tomorrow to make sure you’re eating properly!”
“You can’t teach Adam about sex. It’s like teaching a four year old, he’s not ready.”
“Don’t give Adam alcohol, he’s too innocent for it!”
“I want you to hold my hand, this is a crowded place and we don’t want you getting lost!”
“I better take that knife and cut the pizza for you, we don’t want you cutting yourself!”
“Hang on, I’ll take your shoes off for you.”
“Please don’t cry that your yoyo’s broken, we’ll go to the shop and get you a new one soon.”
“Don’t touch the blade, it’s sharp!”

I suppose I had better be clear that this is not a complaint, it’s just an interesting thing that I’d noticed. I suppose it’s quite nice really. I should point out, also, that these quotes don’t come from grandmothers or any other such relatives, all from similarly aged friends (all females, funnily enough).

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