So one day I was riding along in a canoe with my friend Christian Watkins, unfortunately he steered it into a large bramble bush beside the river and the two of us fell into the water… But that’s not the subject of today’s entry.
    Back in 2008 I was in Cornwall with a couple of friends of mine, I’ve decided I won’t mention their names in today’s entry as I don’t want to incriminate them, and we were out strolling around the darkened streets looking for something to do. My two friends were both hoping to find a source of alcohol (all of us being under the age of 18 at the time meant that it was not easy to find). I was just happy to be taking a stroll. Unfortunately for them, they eventually realised that we were not going to find any alcohol (they came close though, in a field just beside a holiday centre were several large kegs surrounded by a fence, they managed to get in there only to be disappointed when discovering that they were all empty) and as such, a new pastime had to be figured out.
    Obviously, the logical thing for them to do in that situation was to break into a boat and try and steal everything inside it. It didn’t take them long to find a boat which was docked behind a large building (hiding them from sight). They both decided to climb down into the boat (I decided it wasn’t a very good decision so just stood up on the dock so I could wait for them to finish having their fun).
    The last thing I remember hearing was one of them shouting “Oh look, a TV!” and then an alarm went off. I have a feeling that they were a little concerned about the alarm, because after it went off the two of them quickly climbed up the ladder and ran away from the dock. I think they may have momentarily forgotten that they were with me, as they both ran past me and left me there next to the broken into boat. I sighed and slowly wandered off to find the two of them, a minute or so later I got a call from one of them telling me where I could find them.
    We spent the rest of the night hiding under a bridge… Which was nice.
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